Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1971, or is it?

Grampa was meticulous in keeping track of his photos' who and when. Could he have been wrong with this one? 

It looks as though the blooming trees have not yet bloomed, but they must have. In contrast, it does appear that the vegetable garden to the right has been planted and staked. Grampa's rule was to wait until May 31st to plant the vegetables. To the left there are flowers beginning in the flower bed. Perhaps spring was delayed this year? 

It may be time to check Grampa's calendars. He kept notes every day about the weather. My aunt says that they are still in her basement. 

Jennifer Shoer aka ScrappyGen
Reconnecting Relatives, LLC

These photos are from my grandfather's collection of carefully labeled slides and photographs. Some include not only the exact date, but also the time of date. Grampa was a prolific photographer. The Magical Backyard is a collection of photo memories from my grandparent's (and now my aunt's) backyard. 

Spend some time here; enjoy the garden or sit in the shade of the big maple tree. It's a peaceful place enjoyed now by the fourth generation of the Smith family in Bristol, Connecticut. 

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