Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 1966 - There Were Two

The tree on the left is the magnolia I have loved since childhood. It used to have a friend, the one right behind it. I wonder when it was lost. I can't imagine that Grampa would have pulled it out. 

Jennifer Shoer aka ScrappyGen
Reconnecting Relatives, LLC

These photos are from my grandfather's collection of carefully labeled slides and photographs. Some include not only the exact date, but also the time of date. Grampa was a prolific photographer. The Magical Backyard is a collection of photo memories from my grandparent's (and now my aunt's) backyard. 

Spend some time here; enjoy the garden or sit in the shade of the big maple tree. It's a peaceful place enjoyed now by the fourth generation of the Smith family in Bristol, Connecticut. 

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