Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 1966 - Pink and White - Pretty Contrast and a World's Fair

The pink flowering tree creates a nice contrast against the white fence and green yard. 

The earliest garden photos I have are from 1965. Perhaps color film, which became more common and more affordable during the 1960s, motivated Grampa to start photographing his yard and gardens more frequently. 

Or perhaps it was the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair where he captured a similar color contrast in a serpentine garden. 

Kodak Pavilion
Photo By Doug Coldwell[1]
My grandparents and my aunt and uncle went to the New York World's Fair in 1965. This aerial photo was most likely taken from an observation deck of one of the World's Fair towers

Color film maker Kodak may have inspired Grampa with its pavilion showcasing a changing series of giant color photographs. I would love to step back in time to walk these fairgrounds. Happily New York has approved funding over the last couple of years to make improvements to the Tent of Tomorrow and the Observation Towers

Jennifer Shoer aka ScrappyGen
Reconnecting Relatives, LLC

These photos are from my grandfather's collection of carefully labeled slides and photographs. Some include not only the exact date, but also the time of date. Grampa was a prolific photographer. The Magical Backyard is a collection of photo memories from my grandparent's (and now my aunt's) backyard. 

Spend some time here; enjoy the garden or sit in the shade of the big maple tree. It's a peaceful place enjoyed now by the fourth generation of the Smith family in Bristol, Connecticut. 

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[1] Doug Coldwell, "Kodak Pavilion" 1964 ( : accessed 26 May 2015).

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