Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pink Flowering Tree April 1965

Grampa and Grandma loved color in the garden. From the first buds on the trees and bushes to the marigolds dried on their stems, they loved them all. Each beautiful flower and vegetable was cause for celebration.

Grandma and Grandpa helped to ground our family to the earth with their work in the garden. They lived outdoors from the beginning of spring to the end of fall. In turn they taught their children and then their grandchildren how to bury seeds, tie plants, thin carrots and best of all, how to eat a tomato fresh from the garden and sprinkled with salt. There isn't any better taste. Each September my sister and I would proudly carry bouquets of freshly cut flowers from this garden to our new teachers. 

Connected to the earth. Grounded. Tomatoes with salt. It was hard work. But I miss it. 


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