Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snowy Wonderland

Grampa labeled the two images below with the date 3/15/1967. How lucky are we that he labeled almost all of his photos and slides? If you only do one thing with your pictures, whether print or digital, label them with the date and if possible a little who, what, where information. The keepers, who will someday be in charge of preserving your history, will thank you. 

Copyright 1967-Present All Rights Reserved

Although Spring has already arrived, my own backyard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire still has lots of snow where the sun doesn't shine. According to this photo record, March 15, 1967 saw a snowstorm in Bristol, Connecticut. This was just days before the record low of -6 degrees Fahrenheit was set at Bradley International Airport on March 19th of the same year. A few days after this record low was set, Connecticut received 11.1" on the 22nd. In fact, March of 1967 ranks as one of the snowiest for the state with a total received of 33.2"

Copyright 1967-Present All Rights Reserved

I imagine Grampa looking down on this scene of the magical backyard and waiting for spring. He always had a calendar hung in his kitchen on wich he made note of the weather and counted down the time to when he could get back out and work in his garden.

Love you Grampa!

Jennifer, aka Jenny aka Ginny

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